For the Creative Writing Ink Writing Prompt

The silence in her surroundings reflected its true beauty as she climbed the long steps and stopped in the middle to listen to nothing.  Even though it was winter roses were blooming in the garden around.  Raindrops were gathering on her face and for the first time, Emma didn’t hear anyone screaming out to her to get under shelter. She stared up at the statue; wondering how she survived such a noisy world every day.  Everyone around her had an opinion about how she felt, but for the first time ever she could hear her own little voice booming out from inside of her. Emma imagined how life would be different without sorrow and grief. It seemed odd to her how in a blink of an eye a person could end up as words on a paper, or even a flame from a candle. Emma thought of her sister’s soul at times as a unique rose that stood out from its surroundings.

It’s so strange that it had taken her that long to figure out what life was about, and what it meant to be alive. Emma chose to forget, to ignore the void, but the truth was too big to be hidden. It’s a subject everyone she got acquainted with avoided. The true fact no one can deny it that you hold on to every word, every sentence, every wound, and every memory.

The people Emma always wanted to share her grief with didn’t understand the meaning of the treasured words on a paper or the value of the memory she kept hidden inside of her.

She realized the time and hurried to the car. Emma peeked at her five-year-old niece, Katie, who was fast asleep in the back seat and instantly began thinking of what her sister had left behind.

Katie’s long hair covered her like a quilt, she slowly yawned and sat up looking around her for a few seconds, “Are we at a church??” she asked, “Can I go down and light a candle?”

Emma grinned at her and carried her down. Once again they climbed the long steps hand in hand. The sun was peering out from behind the clouds and strangely Emma’s quest to enjoy the stillness had failed.  She grinned at her niece taking notice for the first time, how everyone leaves something beautiful behind them.She finally realized that the trace of a loved one never entirely fades away. The silence was filled with an echoing laughter of a child.


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