Another life lesson…

By Zeina A.G

When I began writing a part of me felt guilty for sticking my characters in tough situations and I always wondered if I’d taken it too far with the events that I clamped together. After seeing the direction of this year it resonates so much to me that life doesn’t take a break, there are no specific rules everything can change its direction in a blink of an eye. You could already be missing a lot of people and then another loss could hit you in the face. You could already be appreciating and spending time with the people you love and they could still leave in a blink of an eye. You could have already passed this feeling of defeat in the past few months, yet once again it can creep up on you and it feels totally different. The loneliness you feel each time would be different because each person is unique in the way they touch your life. You feel cheated to bury another set of memories but you don’t have to bury these memories you can set an intention to remember and honor them every day. Even if it means being frustrated from life or crying till your eyes hurt.

Personally, I think it’s humbling to feel your feelings. And there is a lesson in all this as life starts peeling away the unnecessary baggage we carry from our outer image right to what society may think of you. From now on I will let go of rules, the silly standards and just feel. Write fearlessly and from all my heart.

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