Pain shoots through each cell of your body, stripping you away from everything you ever loved. You are left trembling from your wounds. You question your ability to survive, while you’re dragging yourself to function. The only thing that makes sense is remaining quiet and for a period of time, you do. But, your silence has never felt so loud.

At times, it’s like floating on a cloud drifting away with each breeze without a care in the world. Other times it’s a heavy load pressing on your chest. While you’ve lost the ability to put two words together, images of life happening around you flash across your darkness.

One day, your intuition guides you to a place in the middle of nowhere. Maybe, it was once sacred to you but you’ve changed and everything that once mattered is now useless background noise. Just seconds before you leave a faint voice turns your attention to the sky and as your eyes settle at a strong sunset the voice now booms, “You’re a survivor.”

By Zeina A.G

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