It’s been a month.

This post is dedicated to my late uncle and Godfather Charles.
The deserted car in the driveway still doesn’t concern me,neither does his deserted bedroom or the couch that he used to love sleeping on in the living room. I still walk into his house with a question about him wavering in my mind, Is he asleep? Or how is he doing today?
For a second there I almost ask it before my aunt appears with a pained smile on her face.
We walk out together and we both spontaneously remember how less than two months ago he was telling a story with full pride about how he drove his car to buy croissants. We both look in the direction of the roses he had planted in his garden that are now blooming.
I momentarily wait for my aunt in my car still waiting and expecting him to ask where we are going or to make a joke about it.
Nothing there except cruel silence and a bitter reality of a new loss seeping into our lives

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