You’ve been sitting in the coldest room since forever, searching for a reason to hold on.  A life reel flashes across the darkness. Shadows begin coming to life within seconds they turn to images of wonderful memories you’ve had, since you could remember.

You try to look away knowing that the pain of the memories would cause a fire to spark within you, an un-controllable, ruthless fire that in a matter of seconds could turn everything into ashes. However, you can’t burn memories and you certainly can’t burn the past, so you stare into the reel focusing on each smile, each gentle touch and each kind word. You stare so long until a smile creeps up on your face and that blaze from the inside sneaks out from your eyes making its way out as tears. You start discovering this new terrain while slowly learning that the intensity of hurt you feel is temporary.

After a while, the coldness around you starts thawing out. From the first step back out into the world, you notice how different your perspective is and the colors around you are so vivid. A pleasant tune rings in your ears reminding you that all the memory reels of the deceased are wrapped tightly with enough love to warm your heart until eternity.

By Zeina A.G


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  1. E. J. Gette says:

    Very beautiful and it makes me wonder why I wasnt following you before now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was under the radar for a while, I didn’t want attention. I’m glad you’re following now ! Happy you liked it 😀


      1. E. J. Gette says:

        I am glad to see you out and about again and I will be taking a better look at your page.

        Liked by 1 person

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