You start a journey to search for answers and on this journey, you see a lot of exciting new things. A lot of goals others have achieved and you get frustrated at everything you haven’t done. You put yourself down as you try your best to understand how things ended this way, but sometimes there is no answer.

There is something odd about you, almost broken. As if parts of yourself faded away with all the farewells you had to endure. So you stop trusting yourself and you look for answers in other people’s words. Placing all your focus on what others are doing instead of the reason you’re hurt.

From time to time, shadows of your ambitions float by you and it stings to realize these tiny pieces once glued your soul together. In a moment of desperation, you close your eyes, shut off the world and wonder if there is a way out. A faint, gentle voice blossoms from within and says; ‘There is one place you haven’t looked.’

Zeina A.G

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  1. E. J. Gette says:

    Sounds like my writing career…

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    1. You’ll get there.


  2. This is so true… Very relatable

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  3. Yara Kalyoussef says:

    Soo true !

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    1. 😀 Thanks for reading!


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