The Beach House

This is a little old I wrote it for my Godmother, but I’ve been dealing with three recent losses so it brought me comfort to re-read. I wanted to re-share here and dedicate it to anyone dealing with a loss whether fresh or old, hang in there ♥
The beach is where I imagine she’d be, with the sound of her footprints scrunching down onto a grassy surface. Her loud laughter could still be heard in the howling wind, as she roams the place where she once lived and adored.

The house with the wonderful beach view remains holding the laughter of the past, un-affected with the sudden silence her absence has left. As if everything she ever was, had been imprinted in that place.

Nothing had changed since I was last there. I was under the same skies we had watched together at sunset and the same sun rays we’d woken up to at the crack of dawn. The small pool in the sea which was named after her is still there even the new waves coming in and out know of her existence.

It was the only place left un-caring of the fact that she was gone for good. The same full moon still came out as full as the times we sat on the balcony and told each other funny stories.

The warm, spring breeze hit my face gently as I just stood there staring at the sea. It was the closest I’ve ever felt to God, my inner soul and to Mona, since she had departed. The stand I had taken many times before over her grave seemed to have no effect on me. Not even the cold steel that encrypted her name on a grave was that close to her as I was that moment.

The answers to my everlasting question came bouncing infront of my eyes. She’d been there all along; somewhere I’ve never looked, under the same blue skies and dark nights.

All it took was a drastic change to see that the world won’t bend to our sadness, no matter how intense it could come. Spring remains spring, and winter will be winter. The memories of our loved ones remain circling around us, if we want them or not, they remain there just waiting for the right time to be remembered as something beautiful.

©Zeina A.G

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