When my heart is burdened with sorrow, it helps to think of life like the sea waves DSC_2295_6_7_tonemappedcoming by. There are light ones that drift you off very gently and the high ones that drift you to each loss you’ve ever encountered. I learned that is the only way to heal.

There was a time where I thought being strong was standing in the face of these waves; you stand there focused on how tough you are that you don’t feel the sand slipping from beneath your feet.  You think the wave can never cross the wall you’ve built, but you get tired, weary and un-focused that you end up swallowed, and dragged to the wrong places. I allowed myself to be dragged to be among un-supportive people that my attitude attracted because I let my own sorrows take the lead.

Despite everything a part of me sometimes drifted with the small waves, I drifted into places where people around me dare not go, they didn’t understand so they judged and shamed this way of thinking. I lost my inspiration to write to express myself in a way that others couldn’t. Yet, the time came where these people left, it hurt and strangely, that was okay. I was going to be okay! I can surf that wave too I thought.

I opened my heart and learned to swim along with all the waves, the big and the small.  It was exactly like teaching a child how to swim, you learn to move your feet, lift your face above the water and then let go of your fear of drowning.

Another big wave hit and everyone disappeared, my world was silent and empty. Just when you think you lost so much already, you find life stripping you away from everything familiar and the wave throws you in an un-known terrain. As your tears subside, you find it’s not worth it to be angry or sad about small things. Not everything that happened is your fault if the people who were around you didn’t realize how much you have stood by them before and that you would have stood by them over and over again without hesitation. Does your absence mean you were nothing to them, to begin with? You don’t need people around who talk behind your back and plan shenanigans to play on your nerves.

At the end you realize if standing alone is what it takes then accept it, you take responsibility for your life, and you become so in tune with your own soul that enduring judgment is no longer an option for you.

By ZeinaA.G

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