Break out

Somehow some people reveal their ugly truths, standing aside and waiting for you to fall apart. You get pushed around, shoved in a box and labeled as broken. And somehow you think it’s relevant because tragedies keep getting in the way. Since you’re trapped inside you start counting these tragedies one by one, going over them, just dreading and fretting. One tiny hole in that box emits a single line of light with a message of truth that never seems to die, “You are the only one person with the ability to break yourself out.”

Zeina A.G

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  1. Sadah says:

    Nice piece.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting 😀
      Glad you liked it 😀


      1. Sadah says:

        Would you like to share your content on our open blogging social website?

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      2. That would be great…Can I have a link to your website, please? 😀


      3. Now I see your blog it wasn’t opening at first. Interesting posts. How do I share?


      4. Sadah says:

        Please visit and sign up on the website. Post that, you can start sharing your content.

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      5. Thank you so much 😀 Signing up now!


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