3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge / DAY 3

This is the last day of the challenge I really enjoyed it before I share the last quote I’d like to Congratulate my friend https://wondercyncyn.wordpress.com/    on reaching a THOUSAND FOLLOWERS on her blog!!

CONGRATULATIONS! And my wish for you is that you get thousandSSSSS more followers very soon!



I love Yoga it allows me to release all the negativity that goes on around me. It has also kept me grounded and patient during tough times. We seldom forget to breathe through it all. I also love that Yoga and meditation remind me to live in the present moment. Nothing matters except the present moment when I’m on the mat.  Yoga is healing and a reminder that we can get through anything.

Thank you for reading ♥




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  1. crucialnotes says:

    Yaga have combo of all🙌..good going👍

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    1. Yes, it does 😀 Thanks for reading !

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  2. crucialnotes says:

    Hey you are my new fellow blogger so i thought you to nominated for three days/three quote challenge🙂, if you wish to participate, you can follow this link to know more

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