The End.

I wrote this eight years ago and wanted to share it with all of you. I was writing a series of proses to heal from a loss and I think this was the last one of the series. I just want to send this out there to say whatever you’re going through the heart heals. Don’t give up and never think your voice doesn’t matter. Find something inspiring to heal your soul, mine healed through writing.♥

                I’ll leave my pen down for a while, it’s been hard to say goodbye.                                              It was tough to accept the entire pain and walk through the darkest lanes.

I’ll lay my pen aside, take a breath let only fresh air inside and rest. I’ve dreamt of this moment where I’d never look back at the sorrow and pain this gap had left.

I realize if a glimpse of the past should ever come that I’d be looking back at you, I’d mesmerize upon the smiles and laughs. Observe the glints of light on my window sill and recall those nights we sat on the porch and laughed. I’d watch the waves of life on a shore that holds a path of the most enduring times, there would be those sandcastle dreams that were built to be crushed by a corrupting wave.

One of them is a dream I never thought would come to lay down this pen and forever be done.

I’ve reached the moment I forever dreamt where I’d remember you with no tears. The moment where I’d look at the stars without wondering where you are.

To awaken in the morning appreciating the breeze and the sound of birds chanting with hope.

To remember and cherish without being hurt to continue life without wondering what you would have thought. Forgetting how many broken hearts you’ve left, admire the children you’ll never raise, watch them grow and fill them with praise.

Give away the suitcase you never unpacked put away the pictures and all that is left.

Through all my writings I’ve reached the moment of reliving, but holding at heart your memories within , for that I’ve left a prayer with your name on it I’d say it often with a hope that’ll reach. I’ll repeat for every dark moment I’ll ever achieve, with a hopeful heart that is now healed.

I’ll say it for the lightning that struck this path it tore many hearts on its way to reach an end.

I’ll whisper it for this new dawn, for the journey of the heart that has come to an end to search for you wherever I can.

I’ve found you in my prayers in the love you’ve left me.

When a day comes I’ll need to know what you would have thought. I’ll take a silent moment and look in my heart. That’s when I’ll get the answer I’m looking for.


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  1. Reina says:

    So deep, I felt this. Beautiful ❤

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  2. Jokerswild says:

    A silent prayer is all we need at times and the rest will shape itself. Time brings change and change heals with time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so true and we just have to keep believing that we can overcome anything.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jokerswild says:

        Exactly, and as long as we do that, I believe we can. 😉

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