Quotes challenge-Day 3

For my last day, I wanted to share this quote by Maya Angelou.


I know my experiences are a huge part of my writing especially after experiencing three close losses in less than two years. Everything was so crammed up together a lot of hospital visits and a lot of memorials to process.

Writing has also allowed me to safely deal with my emotions and it provided me a safe place to process my grief. I also love this excerpt from Paula Hawkin’s novel, “Into the Water”


Have your experiences shaped your writing? If so, please share in the comments below.


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  1. Jokerswild says:

    Writing is based on experiences in some shape or form, at least when I write. That’s why my blogs are designed to make my readers think and they’re relatable, because they’re shaped from some pieces of reality.
    “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
    ~Benjamin Franklin~
    You put your heart into writing and the heart is the movie reel of your life, you draw from that and that’s where you bleed onto the paper. Your quote says just that, draw from experiences and write and that’s what fuels your pen. You said it yourself. 😉🌹

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    1. I like the quote you chose, I have it printed somewhere in a copybook. I collect such quotes and read them when I don’t feel motivated.
      Few months ago, someone warned me to be careful while I write because I would be exposed. (She doesn’t write and she hasn’t seen what I’m working on so she doesn’t get it) The thing with writing is that you do get exposed for a moment but then you let it out and it changes you.
      It clears your heart and soul from any baggage.

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        I love quotes too. You should never get to the point to where you don’t feel motivated, it happens, but when it does, use that as motivation.
        People who don’t write will only draw opinions and color thoughts, that’s not writing and that’s not art and they don’t get it. With writing, you are exposed because it’s no secret you’re a writer, but to evolve is always a good thing but it comes with the territory but that depends on you. And you’re right, once that does happen, it does clear you of any baggage which allows you to write more freely without caring what others think.

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