You can’t possibly imagine encountering so many losses one after the other, yet it happens.
It drains you… It passes through you like bullets from one side to the other, tracing few holes that you never quite notice until you are confronted by the shadow of the person you were a few months before… It’s haunting to compare that far back, all you can do is accept it hoping that another few months from now, the new version of you won’t be just another scarred shadow to look back at. 



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  1. Jokerswild says:

    So true, sometimes when life hits you it hits you hard. But they say it’s not how hard you get hit, it’s how fast you get up afterwards. You can look back at your old self one day and hope you don’t see that scarred person you were but looking back slows you down especially when you’re ahead. Sometimes reflection is only for mirrors, you get ahead, stay strong and keep your head forward. Don’t be scared of being scarred, it shows what you’ve survived.

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    1. I agree but sometimes everything happens so fast that you can’t stand up fast afterwards. Not everything that happens to us or around us makes sense , so self reflection is needed at times. Looking back is sometimes a good thing so you can grow from your experiences. A little balance from the past and the future is a wonderful thing.

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        Very true lovely, things won’t make sense but we have to figure out the reason. That’s where reflection does come in but we can’t get stuck on reflecting. Looking back may help one grow but it’ll get them idle and growing in place is progress but not progression. We can’t do nothing about the past because it happened and the future hasn’t occurred yet so we can’t control that, so we must handle the present and if we can balance that then that’s wonderful. “There’s this and then there’s what we would like it to be.”

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      2. It depends on the person and the situation 😀
        Sometimes the past can resurface and it’s different each time because we change, so all we can do is deal with it better and with more experience as it returns.

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      3. Jokerswild says:

        A fine analysis, I can not dispute that. I will agree you there lovely, not that I’ve been disagreeing with you😉, I’d never do that.😊. People do evolve with each moment and like I say, “A lesson learned is a lesson earned” that’s my own. So we either learn from experiences and better ourselves or we continue to stumble until we fall. “Mistakes are the schoolbooks from which we learn from today”. So yes, all we can do is use experience and try not to land in the position again, if so we’ll handle it better. 😁😉

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      4. I know you weren’t disagreeing, you were sharing your point of view and I like that 😀
        I’d love it if we disagreed because then I’ll know you’re not reading my mind… LOL
        Are you psychic??

        Love the quotes 😀

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      5. Jokerswild says:

        Point of views, absolutely lovely and I like that too.😉
        Disagree🤔….it could happen but I doubt it cause great minds think alike😉. And besides, I think I like reading your mind….lol. Me a psychic, not hardly, but I’ll be your side kick.😁

        I love quotes but so do you.😉

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  2. Analysing yourself is hard but it leaves you broken if I don’t

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    1. I agree! If we move forward without dealing with all the broken pieces, it just accumulates and tortures us more.

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      1. yes and then we call ourselves a mess.

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      2. That’s why we write, it’s healing and we get to visit all those corners in our lives. Some stuff we went through, things we are going through now and our dreams for our future ❤

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      3. yes; writing is my happy place and i will make sure it will always be

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  3. Jaya Singh says:

    Great dear 👍


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