Get To Know Me

I have been nominated for the Get To Know Me tag by Jaya . Please check her blog.


1. What does your Name Mean?

I googled this answer, “Zeina is an Arabic name for girls meaning Beautiful”

2. Are you scared of height?


3. What is your best physical feature?

Not sure,lol

4. What is your favourite music genre?


5. Are you a good cook?


6. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?


7. Do you have any allergies?

Yes, that’s one of the reasons I despise Spring and Summer.

8. What is your favourite festival?

Nothing specific.

9. Which of your parents do you look like?

My mum.

10. Who is your favourite musician?

Sia, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson♥


Dear nominees, you have to answer the same set of questions provided above.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Manessah B. says:

    Hahaha! I was just reading and reading and totally looked passed my blog name in the nominations! 😂 Thank you so much for the tag, Zeina! Your answers were super cool! 😊

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  2. Jokerswild says:

    Love your answers, your name is awesome and the meaning is perfect because that’s what you are😊. I love your favorite singers too, good taste, I love Sia songs Chandelier and Elastic Heart. Great job lovely, it’s great getting to know you!

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    1. Sia came to my hometown for a concert two years ago…It was nice even though she didn’t show her face 😀 I love her voice cracks in live concerts!! Simply beautiful!

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        That’s awesome, yeah, she hardly shows her face….kinda weird. I think she’s an awesome singer, love her voice. Her music is something else!!😁😁

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      2. I just realized I skipped alot of singers from the answer…Diana Ross(Legend!)…Madonna…Andrea Bocelli…Ed Sheeran…Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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      3. Jokerswild says:

        Ed Sheeran is the man, that guy is awesome! Diana Ross and Madonna, words can not be described!! You got good taste lovely.😉🌹❤️

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      4. Sia’s songs always have a theme. There is a song I kept repeating when I began writing my novel, it’s a mix of her voice with Christina Aguilera…So raw and powerful!

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      5. Jokerswild says:

        Oh yeah, what song was that? It wasn’t Alive was it?

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      6. Alive was written with Adele, for Adele…She couldn’t perform it so she gave it back to Sia.
        Sia gave another song to Christina and someone mixed the two voices together, it’s stunning!! here’s the link:

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      7. Jokerswild says:

        I’ll have to check it out because I also like Christina too, some of her songs are good. I liked when she sang in Lady Marmalade.

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