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Writing with an Open Heart

By Zeina A.G

When I began writing a part of me felt guilty for sticking my characters in tough situations and I always wondered if I’d taken it too far with the events that I clamped together. After seeing the direction of this year it resonates so much to me that life doesn’t take a break, there are no specific rules everything can change its direction in a blink of an eye. You could already be missing a lot of people and then another loss could hit you in the face. You could already be appreciating and spending time with the people you love and they could still leave in a blink of an eye. You could have already passed this feeling of defeat in the past few months, yet once again it can creep up on you and it feels totally different. The loneliness you feel each time would…

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  1. Sakshi says:

    How unpredictable life can be sometimes ……just don’t know what will come next

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    1. So true…I wrote this after a 3rd close death in less than 2 years.

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      1. Sakshi says:

        Oh god ……. I feel you …. sometimes the series of unfortunate incidents just baffles us ….. But strength is the key …. More power to you

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      2. 💖Strength and a great sense of humour to laugh it off at times😁 Writing has helped me a lot too!

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      3. Sakshi says:

        Yes I so agree ……🤗💕

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  2. Manessah B. says:

    This is the best way to live. Feel every emotion. Become friends with life and understand how it works, instead of trying to be it’s enemy. Accept the highs with the lows. You spoke of this beautifully, sissy! Dare to live life fearlessly and to the fullest! ☺️💕

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