The Castle

She stared at me with wondrous brown eyes waiting for me to say any word or make a move. When I smiled she hopped and ran in excitement reciting a song to herself. How precious is it to be uplifted from one tiny gesture?  She twirled in20181028_120753_1.gif circles and giggled wholeheartedly when she lost her balance. I listened intently when she recited her numbers and letters. 

Then she slipped into her own beautiful, innocent world where she could be whoever she wants to be. One minute she was a princess while the other she morphed into Superman. She could change her name every few seconds or invite her imaginary friends for tea. Today she also lived in a Castle that she built out of cushions. It didn’t matter to her if it was smal20181028_175144.gifl as long as it was her safe place to play and grow.  

How precious is it to feel happiness from the simplest things?


Gif images of my Goddaughter Sara ♥


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  1. Nameera says:

    She’s adorable!
    May God bless her. ❤ There’s something so sincere about her smile.

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    1. Yea a lot of innocence in her smile😍
      Thank you😊😊

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  2. Manessah B. says:

    Too cute! Childhood is the best! 💙

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  3. Jokerswild says:

    Children know how to live because they appreciate the little things in life and take nothing for granted. Innocence is intelligence. Wonderful post.🌹🌹

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        So welcome 😊

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  4. Very sweet post and its true that the simplest things in life gives us the most pleasure.

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  5. She’s adorable, Zeina.

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