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  1. This is so cool! She is so beautiful. I am happy for you, Zeina. To be greeted like that is awesome.

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    1. I know 😍 It’s so funny that I can’t stop watching it!! We tweeted a long time ago but I never expected her to sing happy birthday..😂
      She is so kind and radiates with positivity.


  2. Manessah B. says:

    LOL!!! YOU PUT THE VIDEO UP!!!! Omg! I’m so glad you shared it with everybody because her trainer trips me out! 😂

    I’m still so happy for you, sissy! Glad she made your wish come true!

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    1. It was magical and hilarious…She didn’t just say Happy Birthday they sang it… The way he spelled out my name though hahahaha
      They are both so spontaneous…45 cents & JLo…lol
      YES, it was a wish come true!! I really wanted this so had to share the magic here ♥ I’m glad you were the first witness to this! LOL

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      1. Manessah B. says:

        hahahahaha! 45 cents and JLo… I’m still laughing at that. 😂
        I’m glad I was the first to see it too!

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  3. Jaya Singh says:

    That was so sweet. Have a happy time Zeina.

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    1. Thank you! Same to you dear…Hope you will accomplish everything your heart desires through this year…
      I still can’t believe it happened ♥ It was so funny and sweet 😀

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      1. Jaya Singh says:

        You too have a great year filled with happiness love and peace.

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