Each Year

Each year I used to stare at the submit button and my heart skipped a beat. I always left my writing until the last minute because in my mind there was always something more important to do. My dreams were silly, so I skipped the submit button. I skipped the “publish to blog” thinking ‘What difference could it make?’

This year I didn’t have to wait until the end of the year to rush and submit my entries because it had been an ongoing project for months. I didn’t have to feel bad and rush to write something new because I’d already done that. I also I didn’t have to skip any ‘submit’ and ‘publish’ buttons

It’s all thanks to WordPress, this supportive and multi-talented community. It’s all thanks to the wonderful people who stood by my side and reminded me that my voice matters. It’s all thanks to friends who just encouraged me to go for it, the friends who have given me their honest opinions. It’s all thanks to the writing inspirations who taught me to try again when all I could see was failure staring me in the face.

To the people who have been supportive of this journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 To anyone who is just starting: You’ve got this, your words and your point of view are important. So please do not skip that ‘submit’ and ‘publish’ button.


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  1. Manessah B. says:

    You’ve come so far, Z! And your journey is just beginning! There’s so much in store for you and I can see it, sis! Keep writing, keep dreaming, keep staying on that path you’re on… one day, it’s all going to pay off and we’ll all be at a bookstore somewhere waiting in line to get your autograph at your book signing! 😉

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    1. Same to you B! You really pushed me forward this year and I’m extremely grateful for that♥♥ So glad I met you EVIL!
      …Ah book signing!! I wish…hope someday it will happen.♥

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      1. Manessah B. says:

        Haha! You’re always welcome, Z! We all need to be pushed and reminded to keep going sometimes. You’ve done that for me and I try to do that for you. We keep each other going. YES GIRL…BOOK SIGNING! One day… I’ll be performing on the Grammy’s and you’ll be turning one of your books into a MOVIE!!! (leave a role for me) LOL ❤️

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      2. Yes♥♥ you at the Grammy’s is a dream of mine!!!! ♥♥ We need another song from you soon on the blog.
        I want you for my movie soundtrack!!!!♥ & to photobomb the cast with me LOL

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      3. Manessah B. says:

        LOL! You know I’m down to photobomb! You’re the best twinny! I’ll be messaging you in a bit to bug ya! 💕💕💕

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  2. Jokerswild says:

    It’s always been in you lovely, never hold yourself back and I love how you are motivating others now too! A sign of a true champion that you are. You are talent beyond the paper and pushing yourself only showed and that was only scratching the surface. Keep it up, tackle the next year with what you took from the last!🌹🌹

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    1. I know a lot of people are afraid to start just like I was… Sometimes all it takes is one sentence to push you to your full potential. I’ve been lucky to have this here. I’m grateful that I was able to give it my 100% in 2018 ♥
      Happy New Year 😀 Hope 2019 is magical !!! Thanks for the beautiful comment.

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        You are absolutely right lovely, you can’t be afraid to fail because that builds success. You took it and ran with it in 2018 so just keep going. Don’t hope for magic dear, make it.💫
        Happy New Year!!😊

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  3. HarleyQ2 says:

    I completely understand. One step at time with perseverance.

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    1. Thanks for reading 😀 Happy New Year 😀

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  4. Keshav Kumar says:

    Good and happy new year

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    1. Thank you…Happy New Year 😀

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  5. Nameera says:

    This is so pure & beautiful, Zeina! Trust me, I know what that dilemma can be like. Blogging taught me to be myself & with confidence. I didn’t have to be feel embarrassed for being different anymore. ❤
    Wishing you a very happy new year, have a great time!🌸

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    1. Glad someone else feels this way 😀 I love how everyone describes it differently. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope 2019 is full of magic for you♥ Keep writing!

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