Birthday Wish♥

“And the seven sea’s you sail
All the winding road you’re on
Leave you lost and feeling all alone
Let my heart be your beacon home .”

“Come To Me.” Celine Dion

When my cousin was small, she traced my footsteps until she memorized them.
Even though life forced her into the darkest places, she was never mine to protect and keep.
Her smile and sense of humor forced me to believe in hope.

My aunt was an incredible role model to me, on how far motherly love would go.
However, there was one tough lesson I had to figure out on my own… how to let go.

Now that my cousin is alone out there in the world, my heart is full of pride of all the things she has accomplished.
I’m sure her mum is smiling down at her and she’d be so proud.
My heart is full of love knowing that I’ve gained a forever friend in her.
Thank you for all the laughs and happiness over the years.
Happy 19th Birthday Darling.

“I’ve always known that you were born to fly
But you can come to me
If the world breaks your heart
No matter where on Earth you are
You can come to me.”

“Come To Me” Celine Dion

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