Where is the Lebanon I Once Knew?

My talented cousin♥

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PS: wait for the pics, it’s a slideshow

“Where are you from?” People I met in Australia would ask.

“Lebanon.” I would proudly reply, regretting the next couple of questions.

“What’s your country like?”

“How was your experience at high school?”

“How are the people in Lebanon?”


Now I know most of you are wondering why I said, “regretting the next couple of questions.” Well, ever since I became aware of my surroundings, Lebanon was all I knew, adored, loved. Don’t get me wrong, I still do. I still do because I was one of “the lucky ones” in Lebanon. And by that, I mean, fortunately, my family was able to send me to a private school, to take me out, I was able to travel now and then and see new places. I had what some people would call “a great childhood.” My grandparents raised me, always surrounded…

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