She was waiting for her set of wings, to rise above it all.
She was waiting for someone to come, to save the day.
 A ray of hope or even a sign that it was possible.
She wanted someone to give her a taste of her dreams.
But as time passed she realized nobody was going to do it for her,
So she went after her dreams herself.

It was a lonely and different kind of journey.
But she witnessed over million magical signs to keep going,
With every failure the signs became stronger and she grew with them.
The bolder she got the more people she met who remind her daily that it’s all worth it.

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  1. It was only at night
    when her dreams took flight
    when her thoughts found escape
    from the cell
    when her mind found release
    a transient peace
    until sunrise
    a transient hell
    It was only at dawn
    as new horrors were born
    as the sun shed its light
    on her life
    an improbable fact
    a compulsory act
    a woman. a mother. a wife.

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    1. This is beautiful😁Thanks for sharing 😊


  2. Jokerswild says:

    It’s not the destination but it’s the journey. And the ones who can there for you can shape your dreams into reality.

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  3. A great post, Dear Z!! So insightful and wise!!! Bellissimo!

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    1. Thanks for reading, commenting and re-blogging 😀 xoxoxoxo


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