It’s Okay!

It may seem like you have a hard shell,
But I know it’s cracked on the inside.

You can say whatever you want,

Your words can be full of strength and perseverance,
But I know that behind your brave words lies a broken heart.

You can smile all want,
And wear that brave face which makes people think you’re invincible,
But I know deep down you’re hurting.

You can run all you want,
And make it seem as if you’re enjoying it.

But I know deep down you’re struggling with this change,
And you know what?

It’s Okay!


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  1. Seriously, reading parts of this I almost felt like ti was for me. Great writing. It resonated.

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    1. So glad it resonated…It’s the stuff I’ve been hearing and telling myself for the past few weeks. It’s totally okay….
      Thank you for commenting 😀


  2. Jokerswild says:

    That’s why people build walls lovely, to try and block the pain out and make everything alright. But you are absolutely right, it’s okay to show emotion and be human. It’s okay to show that you can rebound from being knocked down, it’s okay to show your strength. Very motivational.🌹

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    1. It’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself for a few weeks now. I’ve built walls around some emotions and I just began accepting them. Trying to go with the flow here as much as I can.

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        Walls are okay but sometimes you have to let your emotions flow, just so you’ll know how to handle situations in the future. It’s okay to be yourself.😉

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      2. I’m beginning to let the emotions flow and it’s not pleasant🤣

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      3. Jokerswild says:

        😂😁. Smile lovely, it makes things easier.

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      4. Yea I’ll smile it scares people 😂

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      5. Jokerswild says:

        Not your smile lovely ❤️😉

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  3. This is heartfelt and I relate so much to it.

    It reminded me of this song with your title.

    The Sunglows “It’s Okay”

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    1. Oh WOw…I’ve never heard this song. His laugh is epic hahahahahaha Thanks for sharing 😀

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      1. It’s a really sad song but his laugh does give a joy of hopefulness in the beginning and after it gets really sad. It’s an old school classic.

        You are welcome. 🙂

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  4. beyondimagination25 says:

    So beautifully woven words shapes into poetry. Really commendable efforts. 🙌

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