One Breath At A Time.

She knew there would come a time in her life where she’d wonder if this storm will ever pass. So she set an intention to take it one step at a time and when her steps seemed too overwhelming she promised to take it one breath at a time. ZeinaA.G

Three Years in Heaven.

Some may think we said our goodbyes three years ago and that was it … But in my eyes the life we knew suddenly stopped. It wasn’t just one wave of change that hit us and that was it. It was more like several waves that erased all the traces of the life we’d been…


I see you drowning,But I can’t help until you reach out your arm,So I can pull you up. ©ZeinaA.G

Second Chances

I’ve forced myself to forget how many candles I’ve lit in your favor. Sometimes I wonder if all the prayers and wishes for your well being went to waste. Your struggles were so overwhelming that I wonder if I could pick all the broken pieces you left. Or even glue everything back together, but it’s…

They left

They left this world with their eyes closed,And opened them in a serene place. A place where they could watch us grow,And send us subtle signs when life becomes hard to bare. ©ZeinaA.G