Birthday in Heaven.

After all these years it’s still hard to write about this but I know my heart and soul is affected by this deep grief right around this time each year for a reason. It’s my late aunt’s birthday month, the first person who provided a safe place for me to dream big and my first best friend who showed me all my future options.
We dreamed together about my future and her children’s. I knew exactly what she hoped for them to find out as they grew up because she had raised me the same way. She had taught me to laugh through the pain of a stomach virus which landed me in hospital when I was six. She taught me to find the good in everything. She was the first to listen to my stories that I made up or ones that I’ve read in magazines with complete interest. And she’d save these newspaper clippings for me to add to my collection. She’d also send posters with funny notes. When I was a teen she tortured me when the “Spice Girls” broke up but she was still empathetic about my feelings that she listened intently while I read her a letter I had written to them. (It was never mailed by the way)
The last lesson she taught me when she was still alive was that things were never like they appeared to be on the outside and since then I’ve learnt to dig a little deeper into people’s behavior.
Most importantly, it showed me that she never forgot about me. I know we couldn’t control how everything unfolded but I knew we could always change our perspective to keep going. I know that everything is the way it’s supposed to be right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful for the beautiful childhood memories.
For years we’ve been blessed to be under the safety of her glow that has never left us. We’ve had our shares of laughs since she left and memories which I hope would last for eternity.
Because of her I’m certain that the people we lose don’t leave us completely. Sometimes a reminder may come unexpectedly through a song or the words of a complete stranger or through the memories of their friends.
We could remember them through the actions of relatives and it all comes at the right time to remind us a part of them will never perish as long as we keep our hearts open.

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