The Leather Jacket.

In 2003, shortly after my late aunt passed away my grandmother handed me a jacket and said, “It’s a gift.”
Completely baffled I asked, “But how?” I immediately knew it was from my aunt because she had an identical jacket and always wanted us to match.
Before she passed away sometimes we’d match without even planning to. She was my best friend when I was growing up and when my teen years approached it seemed like she had million topics to discuss with me daily. We’d talk for hours without getting bored.

Some circumstances led us to be apart in Christmas 2002.
So the moment I tried the jacket I never knew where to place all those emotions and what to do with them.
All I knew is that I was angry,betrayed, happy. Yes, happy because for so long I had this bitterness hidden deep inside of me, thinking my aunt never thought of me before she passed away.
Happy because along with that jacket people always told me your aunt was thinking of you and always talking about you.
I remember thinking, “Okay I got the message!”

Ever since that moment I swore to never take anyone for granted and the people around me never understood it. I can’t say it has worked great for me since not everyone thinks the same. But I have a leather jacket that reminds me to be patient with the people around me.

If you have someone like this in your life who thinks about you and cares about you deeply don’t take them for granted because you never know when it’s the last goodbye..

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