I Looked Inside

I looked inside,Into my depth, My night I thought will never end. I tumbled over the things I couldn’t see. I tried to focus into the darkness,And that was when the stars appeared. ┬ęZeina A.G

The Whisper

The outside voices mock you for being different,And for expressing yourself. Outside voices try to bring you down,To drown you with their negativity,Until you start doubting yourself. They can drive you insane,And make you question your worth,Until you’ve had enough. Just when you’re about to scream,A whisper from within nudges you gently,And lovingly to remind…

A Little Throwback

So this showed up in my facebook memories today. Last year like today I sent “I’m Still Here” to it’s first contest. As soon as I got the news that it lost, another contest opened with a theme “Things will never be the same” So grateful it made it to the top 11 there.­čĄ×Tiny steps­čÖî

Some People

Sometimes unexpectedly some people walk into your life and make you forget why you’ve built those protective walls around yourself. Such people are hard to find, but they exist. They help you heal from all the hurt you’ve gone through. They guide your steps even if you feel they’re tiny and insignificant.They also remind you…


Happy October everyone!This is one of the photos I took during the weekend. Hope you all like it and hope your month will be magical and full of surprises.┬ęZeinaA.G