I Am Enough

You tried to choke me by making it all about you,
And you tried to make me feel it was all my fault,
By describing me as over sensitive…It may have shut me down before
But now it can’t.

I’ve tried to make this friendship work,
But if you can’t understand that then just leave.

If you can’t understand that this new “Me” demands respect,
Then please leave.

I can’t tolerate for my feelings to be ignored anymore,
If you can’t understand that then walk away.

If you can’t understand how you’ve been constantly breaking my heart over this so called “Friendship” then please walk away.

But don’t expect me to fall apart,
because I’ve just discovered an un-wavering sense of self-esteem from within that keeps screaming,
“I am enough,
And I’ve done enough,
This is enough.”


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  1. This is strong💯

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  2. Are you friends with Brandi?? Just checking!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. She told me she had the best friend in the world and it was you!! We have been emailing each other and she is really super!! She’s been wrapped up in the holidays and changing her website. I’ve been trying to convince her not to deactivate your blog even if she starts a new one. If she deactivates her old blog all my reblogs to that site will die and her posts are so awesome!!

        So happy we share such a super friend in common!! Tell her I said hi, next time you communicate, please!!

        Well, at least now you have a reference on me!! Ha, Ha!!

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      2. You’re funny😂
        I know her posts are super awesome and I miss them.💖 I agree with you! She has a unique style in writing. Hope she finds a way to keep them online.



    1. Thanks for the reblog 😀

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