Lessons Grief Has Taught Me.

Grief is never consistent, you could be fine for one minute and completely break down the next. For a moment, you could be the shoulder that everyone cries on . You could feel un-stoppable and courageous just for making it through a difficult situation. Then for the next few days you could break down from the hurt.
You could be there for everyone and tell them you understand what they’re going through. Then the next moment it could all be too confusing and foggy to see your own next step.
You can keep it all in your heart and let it close you down.
You can allow it to keep you away from everything you love to do and let it drain you without getting anything in return. Or you could be creative and let it all out by allowing yourself to be seen by the world.
That’s where you find a commonality with the people around you. You find that the world can step up and show you that connecting through grief can be beautiful. You can find a true connection through the hearts of people who believe in you and who’d never leave you. Through this raw connection you’ll learn that you’re never alone.

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