A Tribute.

Standing in the rain and lightning while gazing at a wall in a strange place. I was wondering how a life could suddenly end. We had passed by to check on our housekeeper who wasn’t answering her phone and the shock we had gotten, from a complete stranger, was that our housekeeper had passed away suddenly few days ago.
Denial set in and no matter how many times we asked we just couldn’t believe how a life had slipped right under our noses.

As I stood there in front of her empty room I got an instant lesson in humility. In the past few years, she always showed up to our house with a full smile on her face even when her life wasn’t perfect. She had a loving personality and always loved when I blasted the music around the house. She used to sing along. We always exchanged DVD’s and talked about the movies we watched.

The bad news of her departure is slowly seeping into my heart. I know our loved ones never leave us completely, they can feel when we’re thinking about them. So I’d love to honor her through this post and thank her for her kindness.
I’d also like to send tons of love and prayers to her family during this difficult time ♥

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