The Holidays

Due to a revolution, there hasn’t been much of a Christmas cheer going around. Despite everything happening in my country this year, we decided to bring Santa Claus to our studio.
This year we placed the speakers outside the studio, turned some Christmas music on and tried to have a good time.

A lot of kids who were passing by started dancing with Santa. We got a lot of waves, hugs and squeals. Some parents’ eyes welled up when they heard the stuff their kids were asking for. Very few families were able to afford gifts this year.
We cheerfully explained to the kids that their Christmas list has to be postponed until next year. For now we can just dance, play soccer and eat candy.

There was that one little girl who melted my heart when she rushed out of nowhere and started screaming “THIS IS THE REAL SANTA!! IT’S HIM!! This is the one who placed my gift under our tree.” (In the photos below)

On our way home while Santa was still in his costume we got stuck in traffic.
So a car rolled down it’s windows and the mother pointed to her son in the back, “My son has been very naughty! He just pulled his sister’s hair.” She complained. “Super naughty.”
Santa gasped and then asked to speak to the boy who was hiding behind his crying sister.
“Are you going to be good?” Santa asked.
The boy nodded with wide eyes and said , “Sure sure…I promise.”
Santa winked at the parents and drove away.


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