A Huge Thank you.

2019 has been all about balance for me. Balancing the good and the bad. Facing emotions that terrified me. I owe a lot to this beautiful community and to everyone who has given me writing advice here. I owe a lot to the dreamers who never quit and made it to their destination before me. I owe it to anyone who tries, fails and then shares it with the world.
Thank you for knowing my weaknesses and being a huge part of my strength.
Thank you for your lovely comments that have kept me going throughout this year.
Thank you for reading about my sadness and taking some of the burden off my shoulders.
Thank you for sharing your heartbreaks and for being understanding when I shared mine.
Thank you for all the wonderful and positive vibes.

I truly enjoyed reading your inspiring words for 2020.
I appreciate every comment that has gone through this blog, and if anyone out there is going through some tough times, keep being who you are. Keep facing it storm after storm. It may not be getting easier and it may seem as if it’s a never ending struggle. So be gentle and kind with yourself. Don’t let people’s outlook on what you’re going through cloud your judgment.
Deep down you already know how you should be facing all this so believe in yourself. ♥
Hope you like the song. I’ve been obsessed with it lately.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year!

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    1. Same to you! Hope 2020 is great for you. Thank you for your support 😀 I really appreciate you re-tweeting my posts.

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      1. You’re welcome, and thank you!

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  2. Jokerswild says:

    And thank you for being such a positive person with your wonderful writings, motivational words and beautiful spirit lovely. Your strength is a reflection of who you are and that says a lot about you. With every storm comes a rainbow and you are quick to remind us of that with your perseverance and winning attitude. Carry that into 2020 and Courage will accompany Strength and make your year great! Happy New Year.💫

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful words. 🌻🌻🌻
      I haven’t been very positive but I’ve been trying to be. I know storms happen for a reason and negative emotions happen for a reason so I’m letting them flow.😊
      The intention to find the rainbow during the storms is there though and I’ll definetely carry that with me to 2020.

      Happy New Year 2020. Hope it’s a magical one for you & your loved ones. I’m also looking forward to read tons of your posts in 2020.🌻🌻

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        No need to thank me lovely, we should thank you because try as you say you have….you have succeeded in being positive.❤️. Trials and tribulations will occur but how you handle them is the real test and the strength you displayed was phenomenal so keep your head up as you always do.😊
        You do find the bright side in situations and your post are continuous motivations and messages of positive words so stay on that route. 2020 will be great with an attitude like yours.
        2020 just seems like a magical number and it’ll be for you also, keep pushing toward your goals and resolutions and everything can happen!! Looking forward to your post also!❤️. And your winning contest story.😊😉

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      2. I love this 😀 ♥♥
        I’ve handled my last tribulation with total anger but it’s still an emotion right? LOL

        I believe there’s always another way to deal with things and some stuff happen at the right time. I’m working on embracing everything 2019 has taught me the good and bad.
        I know I’ll definitely carry your words with me through 2020.
        Thanks for being a wonderful friend and listener. You have no idea how much I needed to read these words up ♥♥

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      3. Jokerswild says:

        Whatever emotion you handled your tribulations with was right because emotions are feelings and your feelings are never wrong lovely. 😊❤️. Remember that.
        Like you said, what we do with those feelings is a different thing because there are negative and positive ways to handle things. If I give you a writing pen, you can use it as a weapon or create stories with it and use it positively, it’s always up to you. It’s all about embracing things and seeing the bright side of everything, things play out a certain way…you have to figure out why without getting frustrated.
        You too are an amazing person and friend and I love reading you, your writings are a lift up as well and take heed, you are raising spirits whether you know it or not.🌹🌹

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      4. Thank you🌻🌻🌻

        One of my uncles passed away beginning of December and I was angry for a while. Loss is hard and tricky… It passed and I thought the holidays would be worse but they were gentle. So grateful for that!🙏🙏

        Currently using my pen as a healthy outlet for a new short story. 🙌
        I know things will shape up when the time is right. The worst is over.🙏

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      5. Jokerswild says:

        Loss is hard but like you said it’s also tricky because it makes you weak but it’s to be used as strength, it puts you in the dark but you’re supposed to see the light from it, and you despise it but yet one is supposed to feel the love from the loved one. It’s how you take it.🌹
        You choose to use your gifts as a positive and that’s good, a very healthy step lovely. Things will shape up and you will mold them to your liking, live life as if the odds are always in your favor. The best is yet to come.❤️

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      6. The loss itself has revealed a lot of things which I would never take for granted again. I’ve learned not to judge my feelings and let them pass. I hope I can pass it forward one day ♥
        Yes, the best is yet to come for you too!!! ♥

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      7. Jokerswild says:

        That’s the way it usually happens and sometimes that’s what it takes. In some ways we oft pass it forward without even knowing it and that’s the beauty of it. Being open hearted❤️.
        Thank you for your beautiful wishes.🌹

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