Her heart ached and raced from the thought of another loss nearing.
The thick veil, which shaded her heart, began disappearing.

She learned how fragile and bold she could be within seconds.
She learned a lesson in transparency and being true to herself.

Transparency means showing sides of herself she never knew existed.
It meant exposing her own vulnerabilities.

Exposing that she didn’t have to be strong all the time,
And that she could lean on a few faithful friends.

Exposing that life can throw a lot towards her,
And she needed to learn to live without her loved ones

She learned to ignore opinions,
And set her heart free.

She learned that she didn’t owe anyone explanations,
So one tiny step at a time,
She learned to love the dark.

She learned that sometimes all she could do is breathe to get through the day.
She learned to speak gently when her heart wanted to scream and shout.
She learned to pause, breathe and smile.


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    1. Thank you♥ Hope you’re doing well 😀

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      1. Happy to share your words/post!

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