A Beautiful Throwback♥

Throwback to 2005…I’m sharing snippets of a video which showed up in my Facebook memories. I hope I can explain this beautiful memory in a way that gives it justice.
Late 2004 I contacted my aunt’s favorite Arabic singer through an email explaining how my aunt loved her. Also how we had spent my aunt’s last birthday at her concert. The huge surprise was that the singer (Her name is Diana Haddad) responded to my email. It was very emotional and I didn’t expect anything more than this because it was enough.

In 2005, one of my university teachers, Neshan, was hosting a T.V show. So I asked him if Diana was coming to the show any time soon and he said, “Yes.”
I gave him a copybook my late aunt and I were working on so he can use it as an archive for the interview. We used to collect every magazine clipping about Diana’s events and her new photos. I love that Neshan returned it to me with dates written on each article…How cool was that??

While we were watching the interview a surprise happened. I wish I could post the video here but it’s in arabic. When Neshan showed Diana my tribute to my aunt she immediately teared up and spoke about her. We were left shaken and in tears that night. Even more shaken when she called me the next day in tears.

This experience has taught me that it takes less than a second to be kind. It’s an emotional throwback that I would never take for granted. It taught me to always be humble, kind and generous. Sometimes only a few words can lift a person up. ♥ Love this memory so much!

I’ll be forever grateful for Neshan’s kindness. That’s my collage copybook he is holding in his hands. My late aunt Mona and I spent years gathering magazine clippings for it. 

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  1. How wonderful!! You are so right about not knowing what a small kindness can mean to someone!! Thanks so much for sharing, My Friend!!


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