Heaven Owns My Heart

Sadly, another beautiful soul has left our family.Despite the pain, anguish and anger we’ll remember all the love you shared with all of us. Despite the fact that nothing will ever be the same again, I’m reassured that by now, “Heaven owns my heart.” Rest in peace Aunt Julia, I hope you’re at peace now….

An Open Heart♥

Something bad happens and it hurts. It changes you into someone new. Your emotions become tangled up and it can get confusing. So you burn all your bridges thinking you’ve already learned all the lessons life has to offer. You instantly build these huge walls around you for protection, before it happens all over again….

Are We Ever Prepared?

Are we ever prepared for the toughest goodbyes?To feel as if a chunk of ourselves has departed,And that our hearts will never be the same. Are we ever prepared for the masks?That fall off people’s faces when least expected. Are we ever prepared to face the things that haunt us?To mourn the pieces of ourselves…

Highlights from my day.

Two cute highlights from my day…A little girl came for school pictures.(Barely 3 years old) I noticed she was scared so I distracted her with the lights and it worked. Two photos and we were done. Even got a high five and she wanted to take me to school with her. My self-esteem was flying…


Hi Everyone,I’d like to hear from all of you.“Are we supposed to be strong all the time? And can we prepared for life’s challenges?” I just submitted an essay with a similar subject, it brought up a lot of interesting points. So now I’m curious to see what you all think in the comments below….

Let it Go

I’ve felt the heartache and anger.I’ve heard the judgment and criticism.At one point I used to hold every word close to my heart. But now I learned how harmful such an action could be,It could ruin a person.That’s how dreams get butchered,And ambitions get killed. That’s how emotions drown,Without an outlet of any kind,They have…


17 years ago, the morning of February 3rd ,on a Monday just like today, we found out that my aunt passed away. It was a shocking discovery which would shift our lives and change me in ways I could never imagine. For the past month, I’ve been digging deep, and an essay question has been…