Highlights from my day.

Two cute highlights from my day…A little girl came for school pictures.(Barely 3 years old) I noticed she was scared so I distracted her with the lights and it worked. Two photos and we were done. Even got a high five and she wanted to take me to school with her.

My self-esteem was flying through the roof until customer number two came in.

Second cutie ,also barely three,was super friendly. But then the camera flash terrified her. We tried everything!!!! Bribed her with chocolate, “Peppa Pig” a trip to the supermarket. We even raced up and down the stairs 3 times😂
We tried to explain how the camera works and to get her to hold it.
Nothing worked!!!!

As long as the camera wasn’t in my hand she was smiling, and talking to me. Accepting hugs and giving me high fives.

After 90 minutes of tough negotiations, we tried to take her photo outside with my cellphone on a white wall.

The people who were passing tried to make her smile but she wouldn’t.
Her mother finally gave up and agreed to try this another day.
When I told the little girl it was over she immediately ran to me for a hug. Her mother told me she was smiling the whole time…lol
I was sincerely surprised that she didn’t hate me after this whole ordeal.😂


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  1. Muntazir says:

    So lovely mashallah

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