An Open Heart♥

Something bad happens and it hurts. It changes you into someone new. Your emotions become tangled up and it can get confusing. So you burn all your bridges thinking you’ve already learned all the lessons life has to offer. You instantly build these huge walls around you for protection, before it happens all over again. You make sure it’s steady, thick and high so nobody can come through.

However, each choice you make is kind of a loss because you also miss out…

You miss out on the beauty of daily interactions. You miss out on getting to know strangers and hearing their brave stories that can change your perspective. You miss out on random smiles and sincere, “Thank you’s”
You miss out on experiencing different emotions, like anger and the serenity of acceptance that comes afterwards.

You miss out on creativity, which has no certain rules. Sometimes it comes during these silent, lonely moments while other times it emerges from total chaos.

You miss out on discovering that grieving the bad situations is an act of love, and a true honor for the people you lost.
You miss out on showing up for your loved ones when they need you. You miss out on the love and support that you always wanted. The love that deep down you crave and deserve. You miss out on making new memories, because of the fear of the same events repeating.

You miss out on a beautiful chance of keeping that heart of yours open. To discover what it’s like to hurt differently over and over again. You miss out on being certain you’ve tried everything in your power to be there.

You miss out on a chance to learn how your love for the ones around you emerged from a deep place, you never knew existed. You discover that it was worth it, even if it lasted for a short while before you lose it all again. Because life is a cycle and our seasons can change in a heartbeat.

When you’re behind those walls, you miss out on showing the world who you truly are. You miss out on having a mission to keep starting over, and learning the most important lesson of all…Keeping an open heart through it all.

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