Paving A New Road.

It’s hard to keep paving a new road towards your dreams. You may make decisions you’re usually not comfortable with. You may have to battle your fears daily and take leaps of faith. You may have to use your, “20 seconds of absolute courage” more often and open up to people.

It’s unknown terrain and there are a lot of disappointments on this path. You may invest a lot of time and energy in a dream that not everyone can understand and see. You may want to give up and turn around to your old path. But you don’t, because deep down you also know that wondering, “What if I never gave up,” is much crueler choice to think about in the future.

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  1. Nathi says:

    It’s better to chase your dreams than regret not having taken a step towards your dreams! Well written, Zeina ✍️

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    1. Thank you dear! Glad you liked it 😀

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      1. Nathi says:

        It’s my pleasure 😇

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  2. Era says:

    Very well written, yes, it is difficult, but we should try always 😊

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    1. So true! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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      1. Era says:

        Most welcome 😊


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