Hang In There.

I know it’s been tough to stay indoors for months. It’s been boring and sometimes challenging not to fight with our families. It’s been hard and frustrating to place life on hold. It’s been hard to miss birthdays and milestones of our young ones.

We can lose hope sometimes. However, I’m sure we can still dream together. We can dream of a new dawn that could emerge soon. A new dawn full of lessons that teach us to take time off. It can teach us set our egos aside and simply reconnect .

This new dawn could definetely teach us how to be grateful for all the small things that we never noticed before.

Hang in there everyone💖Stay safe!


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    1. Same to you xoxo Hope everything is going well with you & that you’re staying safe🙌

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  1. Jay Bleu says:

    You are so Sweet B-)

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    1. Hey how’s everything???

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      1. Jay Bleu says:

        Good just been really busy at work and also buying a house! How are you??

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      2. Oh how exciting!! Did you find one you like yet?? All good here😁

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      3. Jay Bleu says:

        Yes hopefully everything goes through like inspection. It is pending in contract!

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      4. Jay Bleu says:

        Thanks B-) Good luck with your photography! Did they ever go back to more restrictions like you were worried about?


      5. Actually everything is opening up again gradually…We’re having new 20 cases per days I think but they’re far from us. Went to a cafe yesterday and it felt totally weird to be there…LOL

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      6. Jay Bleu says:

        haha. I know! it’s starting to open up here and feels weird, too. not sure how i feel about it. . .

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      7. I was a little tense when someone barged into my shop last week, so I’m trying to chill but I think I keep giving people mixed messages ..”WELCOME TO OUR STUDIO!!! Have a seat….ummm …. But stay outside!! excuse me while I lock the door until I develop your photos” LOL 2020 is a super confusing year hahahahaha
        Stay safe and take care of yourself!! AND CONGRATS on the new house!! 😀

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      8. Jay Bleu says:

        hahaha. Yes when I go to get my haircut I have to wait outside for them to call me. But I couldn’t get scheduled even for another two weeks so. And thanks again B-)

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      9. Don’t cut ur hair😂

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      10. Jay Bleu says:

        I really need to. Especially around the back of my neck! LOL

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      11. Jay Bleu says:

        hahaha no come on

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