New Journey

Let’s go on a new journey together.
Let’s build a new world through words.
Let’s walk through new paths and discover the consequences of each character’s choices together.
Let’s explore new emotions and discover human connections from different points of view.
Let’s expose the hidden stories that can make a difference.
Let’s share the stories which were built from heartaches and fears.
Let’s write a character’s quest into the unknown and discover a new way out.
Let’s keep writing because it’s a journey that’s full of surprises.
Let’s keep writing because our words hold a lot of common ground for everyone.
Let’s make a pact to spread love, positivity, courage, faith, and creativity through our writing.
Let’s promise to always write it out and share it.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nice to see you express yourself freely…..continue your journey, there’s along way ahead and its going to be a great adventure…stay true to your purpose…remain focussed, trust in God and you will be well…

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    1. This is truly inspiring! Thank you so much ♥


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