World Building.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass.

That world you’re building, does it tell stories of sadness and heartbreak?

Does it tell a mystery story or science fiction?
How many parts of yourself will you include in this world?
How many moments from your life will you include? And from how many points of view?
Will you tell stories that you’ve heard of or real situations you’ve encountered?

Are your characters careless or overachievers?
Are they empathetic or is it something they will learn within the story?
Where will this journey take them and will it have an end?
Will it teach them a great lesson?
Will there be regrets?
Will they stand their ground when faced with adversity? Or will they crash and need help to resolve their issues?

Whatever you decide remember there’s no right or wrong. It may take months or maybe years to create this world and create rich characters that you’re satisfied with. When the journey gets tough remember someday all these moments you’ve gathered and written in a notebook will be shared to inspire a lot of people.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson I learned today from Neil Gaiman’s class. Thanks to Masterclass I was able to write my novel’s short synopsis.

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