You can tell someone a million times they’ll be okay,
But you can’t convince them,
Because they’re walking down that road themselves.

You can tell them similar stories of what happened to you,
But it doesn’t mean they’re instantly healed.
It just means that some things take time to process and get used to.

If someone appears to you as weak,
It means they’re facing something new and they need support.

We walk through these difficult roads at our own pace, not the pace that people have set for us.

You can’t heal just because someone orders you to,
You can’t get over something until you’ve taken that dive yourself into what’s bothering you,
Until you’ve lived it and dealt with it in your own unique way.

You won’t know it until you’ve peeled away the thick layers of strength,
And faced the things that terrify you.

You won’t know until you’ve noticed our vulnerabilities,
And accepted them as the things that make you unique.

With time and some bravery,
You can turn your vulnerabilities into everything that makes you shine.
©Zeina A.G

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  1. Jay Bleu says:

    You can’t try to put feelings in a box of rationality

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    1. I agree! Feelings always change sometimes overnight.

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      1. Jay Bleu says:

        Or by the minute B)

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      2. Jay Bleu says:

        Plus we can write about our craziness too 😛

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      3. Are we announcing this here now??? LOL

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  2. Jokerswild says:

    This is so true, what works for one won’t work for everyone. We all will not get through a maze taking the same route, Everybody is always fine, that’s a reflex answer to the question “How are you?” But you’re right lovely, what works for us won’t heal the next, we all have to see the sun rise in our own time and shine with it.

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    1. I’m glad it made sense, and I agree that we have a reflex to answer, “I’m fine.” Maybe because we know how others will react when the answer is, “I feel angry…I’m hurt.” We’re just pushed into not feeling all these emotions.
      The moment I admitted that I wasn’t fine I lost a lot of people because I was being pushed to heal and to be okay.
      I think the past year has taught me…It’s okay to feel our anger and express it. It’s okay to write and process all these complex emotions , maybe sometimes it works better to say them out loud over and over again. Sometimes we just need time, we just need to sit with a problem and live with it until we can process it.

      I love this, “We all have to see the sun rise in our own time and shine with it.”
      Keep shining and stay safe xoxoxox

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        The minute we lose people for telling them our honest feelings is the hours we realize who we truly need around us and those are the ones who stay around. We can’t be pushed to be okay but for someone to offer to hold our hand and make the journey easy, someone to talk to…that makes the road to being fine a little better.
        You’re right lovely, there is nothing wrong with expressing your emotions…it’s healthy and it teaches us how to react to situations in the future that may better us to handling things that wouldn’t have been fine last time. People think bottling up emotions make them stronger but strength is a feeling and without emotion, you can’t feel anything so how does one know they are portraying power. As long as we deal with problems and not try to hide them, we’ll never battle to many ghost as we can handle.
        Keep smiling and being you lovely.🌹

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      2. I’m truly smiling from ear to ear while reading this.
        Last year, I really wanted to face my problems straight away, because I had a fake understanding of what strength was.I thought I had the power to navigate all the hurt and anger….But it doesn’t happen that way.

        We may know exactly what’s bothering us and the emotion that comes with it, but we don’t know the way out of it. I actually carried all these emotions with me for the past year and allowed time to take care of it. They just thaw out naturally when we accept they’re a huge part of us.
        It affects our creativity, our writing and how we react to certain situations.
        I agree with what you said about bottling up emotions. It just makes the negative emotions stronger but by the end of last year I stopped holding everything in and I gradually began feeling like myself again!
        When I stopped trying to control everything it just flowed out gently and in phases.
        It’s better to live with it everyday and let the emotion fade out.
        I’ve found my peace and I’m extremely grateful for the people around me who didn’t give up on me. They’ve taught me lessons about patience and how to listen to others which I hope I can pass forward.
        I discovered that I like to connect with people even if it ends in heartbreak. And I hope this blog is a perfect example of how important it is not to carry this burden alone. People may hurt us at one point but it’s important to keep an open heart and give others a chance because we’re all different. xoxoxoxox Thank you for this beautiful message and for always visiting my blog. I really appreciate it!

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      3. Jokerswild says:

        You are such a beacon of strength lovely and accepting issues and dealing with them makes you stronger. And the way you write and push yourself is a testament of your strength alone which is why I love your positivity and messages. Once we stop trying so hard to control things, things start going our way. A heart must first be broken before it can be opened, we learn from past emotions because everyone we meet won’t let us down.❤️❤️. Stay amazing.🌹

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      4. Thank you! This means a lot coming from you. I’ve come to terms that people who try to shove our weaknesses in our faces when we’re at our lowest shouldn’t be in our lives. I’m grateful for the tough lessons🙌🙌 You stay amazing too AND SAFE!!💖💖
        Is life back to normal over there??

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      5. Jokerswild says:

        You’re right lovely, only people who want to see you better deserve to see you at your best . We learn to grow❤️.
        Define normal 😉 haha
        For the most part, everything is open but wearing mask has become a big part of society for the most part. No curfew or shutdowns.

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      6. Yep same like here. Stay safe and hope things get better soon! ♥ Take care of yourself and your loved ones 😀

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