The Vision

She had a vision in her mind that needed to come out. It was a combination of situations she’d been through. It was a combination of all the books and movie endings she wished were different. It was a combination of characters whom she thought needed a voice. A vision that showed the importance of knowing your worth and standing up for yourself whether it’s against a family member or a bully.

It was a vision that relied on words and a lot of complicated emotions. A vision that needed deep characters with their own set of faults.

So she drew the outline down on paper and from that began a series of sentences which turned into paragraphs. Soon they turned into chapters, drafts and more outlines which morphed into a message that a person’s self worth isn’t measured by how close people treat them.

Hard work and perseverance weren’t the only issue. It was overcoming her fear of the unknown, overcoming her fear of failure. Her fear of being unable to connect with a wide audience.

However, she knew that having a dream and doing nothing about it was worse than all her fears united. So she felt those fears, and accepting them made her vision grow stronger.

So she moved from a dream of finishing a novel to transforming it into screenplay. She learned to let go of all her writing mistakes and just keep going. Her vision expanded into different messages that she has control over.

Now that she’s halfway through the screenplay, she’s deeply grateful that her passion has a heartbeat and a life of it’s own. She’s deeply grateful for the people who guided and believed in her.

This was written about my novel that I started four years ago, and you can find a few photos from my journey below.
What I’m mostly trying to say here is: Whatever your passion and vision is keep it going until it has a heartbeat of it’s own. You can do it♥


First full version of my novel, I used some highlight markers so I can link cause and effect together.

The house outline of my novel, “Blank page.” When I began writing I needed to be able to envision how the house looked.
How I imagined the town and the interior of my character’s home.

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  1. U hv really did some hardwork appreciate it keep going

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    1. Thank you🙌🙌🙌


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