My Childhood

My late aunt & godmother ♥

My childhood: This is how I remember our days together. Summer winds brushing through our hair. I thought we were wild, careless and free. Now that I’m older I know you had a lot more going on behind that bright smile of yours. I know there was a lot more than what you showed me. Even when we parted ways and you thought I was upset from you. When you thought I wouldn’t talk to you again. I never got the chance to tell you I was protected, cherished and that’s all that matters.

That’s the pure meaning of love when you listen and give endless ideas. I never had to doubt or question my place in your life because even in my absence you mentioned me in the best ways. You paved the way for my dreams to come true without even flinching. Now years later, I’ve returned to them stronger and more appreciative of the lessons I’ve been through.

  Your absence has taught me not to take people for granted,  so I carried that burden on my shoulders. The burden of caring so much that I thought I didn’t matter. I chased the wrong people and I thought if I just smiled through it, everything would be okay.  I just wanted to forward some of this happiness to your kids. So for years, I put that smile on my face and soldiered through.

Now that I’m sure they’re okay to pave their roads themselves, I hope one day they’ll know there was a lot more going on than the smile I showed them.

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  1. yazzeus says:

    Awww, this is beautiful

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    1. Glad you liked it! I almost hesitated to post 😀

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