The Art of Being Human

I felt like re-sharing. I wrote this for my humanities class in University ten years ago. If I remember well the subject was to describe beauty in a person, object, and an idea.

To weep to others pain and to smile to others happiness is a part of what makes us human. If we can’t feel with others then how are we going to feel for us?? If we can’t put ourselves in their place for one second then what are our imaginations for? If we can’t take few minutes to pat someone on the back and say tomorrow will be better then what’s the purpose of being there for each other?

In my own opinion beauty is a positive glow coming from the inside; it has the need to keep others happy and smiling. That is how I define beauty of the personality, keeping hold of the innocence of a child in your heart and staying modest trying your best not to ignore a suffering human.

Beauty in a person is also by being optimistic even when a problem gets in the way keep thinking there is a way out of it. Beauty in a person is by hiding your fears to encourage a frightened child to stay calm, and if someone else has a problem you tend to put a smile on their faces so they can forget it even if it’s just for one minute I call that an accomplishment.

What is beautiful about someone is never thinking of ways to hurt others, no matter how painful they have hurt him, beauty is defined here by forgiving and forgetting.

It takes a lot of strength to let go the death of a loved one the more time passes the more you feel you have betrayed that special person, because some things start slipping your mind, some memories you had or certain things you used to talk about.

I find beauty in an object when it has a remembrance to the past. It could be a picture of someone who is not with us anymore, I find it the most beautiful thing in the world to discover a memory and then being able to hold on to a picture you thought you never had of someone who is no longer with us.

This kind of beauty relaxes me, It’s one of the biggest joys in my life to look at pictures and see them smiling , that is how I carry on with my life I take my strength from this kind of beauty from the smiles and let it out in different ways for people to see.

Sometimes beauty of an object could also be an object for someone who is no longer among us, maybe a jacket or a dress. While other times it could be a song which holds beauty in its tunes and lyrics which express a phase you went through or still going through when you’re touched by a song you may not realize but usually it’s something you went through or maybe wishing to go through. I find it beautiful how attached you get to a certain song you can’t get out of your head.

Being able of developing a dream maybe unconsciously you develop it into an idea and by taking steps you go further in the idea and before you know it if you go further with it you get to your dream goal. What I also find beautiful is that if an idea tends to fail you try to find another and you evolve it by looking at your previous mistakes. I like to think that dreams come true and that nothing is impossible once you get your mind into it, following ideas is what makes us move on and making mistakes on the way is what makes us better people.


Written by ZeinaA.G

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