Based On My Novel

Based on one of my characters in the novel “Blank Page”

At the tender age of thirteen,
She felt something was missing from her life.
Suddenly she craved love and security,
From the one parent who was never there.

She was curious to know what she and her father had in common,
She was curious to find out why he had left them before.
So she moved to his house.

She left her mother shattered from her decision,
She got lost because she never got answers,

And resorted to harmful ways to take out her anger,

But what she didn’t know is that the great love she left behind,

Could never go away.

She didn’t know that her mother sensed she was lost,
And was patiently trying to help in an indirect way.

She didn’t know that even if she had tried shut her mother out,

Completely from her life,
Her actions could never make a mother’s love fade.


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