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  1. These are beautiful, Z. The clouds look like feathers! 😃

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    1. We had just come back from my grandmother’s house that day. Wish I had my camera because there appeared to be 2 small rainbows that day. If you look closely you can see them. I think it’s called a sundog.

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      1. I think I see two spots of different colors in the clouds – The different colors of the rainbow but not the bow. That’s truly amazing! I haven’t seen a double rainbow in a few years now, but whenever I would see them they would make me smile. A peaceful sign to me. 😌

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      2. There wasn’t a bow 😀 It’s called a sundog. It looked as if there were 2 suns.

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      3. Oh!! Now that makes more sense. I have never heard of that before! A sundog. Okay, well in that case.. I saw it CLEARLY! haha!

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      4. Bahahaha…. it’s rare I’ve never seen it before so I was mesmerized!!! ♥

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