Journey into the light.

The light glows all the time here and it’s unlike any light I’ve ever seen. It’s a calming light that blocks all the crying and the whining each time I gaze into it. The kind of light that reminds me of all the love and happy times I had with my family.

I have floated through oceans and rivers. I have floated above mountains; I’ve seen the greenest meadows and the brightest roses. I can see all the sunsets that my heart desires. I can float anywhere in any room and sometimes I can see if someone is calling out to me, I can’t explain how my presence appears near them when my name is mentioned.

I remember leaving all this pain behind and I remember how I left. However, I keep hearing you saying how I’ll be home when you return. I’m so sorry but I won’t, I have no clue how I became all-knowing all of a sudden maybe it’s something my spirit always knew that it would return here.

Maybe this tired body of mine burdened my spirit. I wish I could tell you how better I feel and I wish I could make you laugh even if it was for one last time. I’ve been lingering around you for few days I leave things around you so you could remember, but you don’t notice. I keep leaving signs to show you that you only said goodbye to my body.

This is only a farewell to darkness and from here on all I ask of you is to look for this incredible light that is guiding me. As long as we are both staring into the same light I am certain that we are connected. I know it’s hard now, but keep searching. Grief may have taken over you but I am certain that all the love we shared is buried deep in your heart.

My gift to you is that you would regain the ability to mention my name daily without bitterness taking over your heart. Seek all the love we had because I am certain that only then you will find your strength again.

By ZeinaA.G

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  1. Yara says:

    Love it!


  2. Raw empathy pleads to be heard…

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    1. Thank you ! This is old just read it and wanted to share again.

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      1. Understand… still worthy of a comment. 🙂

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