Hidden Door

This is an experience that helped shape the way I think of problems. It was around 2004/2005, my first year of university. There were a lot of family issues that were happening around me that I didn’t know how to solve or escape.

I didn’t feel brave or positive at the time. I remember just needing someone to listen for five minutes. I had just lost my aunt the previous year and I wanted everyone in my family to simply get along. I needed someone to confirm that my intuition was right so I asked a teacher for help.

The burden immediately got ten times lighter when I spoke to my teacher. She helped me that summer to approach the issue one tiny step at a time.

This experience taught me that no matter the odds. Or how bad the world seems against you, there’s always someone who will believe in you and will guide you right until that last step.

I remember how proud I felt when we celebrated that victory. A new life unfolded right in front of my eyes that summer. Since then I’ve believed there’s always a hidden door that will appear when we don’t give up. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

So don’t be afraid to ask for help when it’s needed and open that heart of yours. Because someone whose listening can reveal that hidden door for you.

Also, try and be there for someone who needs help. Because I can assure you that your support and advice can change their entire world. ♥


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