Mixed Emotions

In the depth of hardships, there are these mixed emotions we go through. Sad events can happen and there can still be moments when we feel lighter and smile. We can dwell for a while in the past and still be grateful for the present situation we reached. We can be angry at our loved ones and still hold a lot of love for them in our hearts.

We can feel vulnerable and still stand strong enough to face our problems right away. We dwell sometimes over the fact that we haven’t healed properly and we wonder if we’re doing anything wrong. Healing doesn’t have to happen right away, but as long as the intention is there it will happen with patience and time.

There’s no limited capacity, right or wrong for the emotions we experience when something unexpected happens. There are no rules on how we should handle each situation because it’s different each time. Even if we’re betrayed by close people, we can still make a wise decision to stand by others who deserve our support. We can be going through something tough and still decide to go out there to try something new. We could have just burnt old bridges and then something else happens that makes us want to start again.

Being aware that we grow through all this makes the journey worthwhile. The situations and feelings we go through don’t define us, because there’s something so much deeper in all of us that simply cannot be defined.

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    1. Glad it makes sense… 😀

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  1. Jokerswild says:

    So true lovely, we can’t go through life thinking everyone we meet will one day let us down. Bridges are burned and cities are built, a flower just doesn’t pop up, like healing, it takes time. Emotions are supposed to be mixed, that’s where “emo” as in emojis came from, that’s why there’s so many of them. There’s no right or wrong reaction to feelings because they’re always right, you just have to weather the actions afterwards.🌹

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    1. I’m pushing that idea out of my head that I may get betrayed again and trying to enjoy some joyful moments with other members of the family who love me.
      I know it won’t happen again it’s just one experience, but it’s like getting a little haunting from time to time.

      It’s exactly like you mentioned I’m feeling betrayed but trying to weather my actions now.
      You always read my mind…How do you even do this? lol

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      1. Jokerswild says:

        That’s good, that’s what you gotta do because you never wanna lose faith in people because there are good people out there, just look in the mirror.😉. And yes, you are loved and hold strong it won’t happen again, just take that as a lesson learned and earned. Instead of being haunted, you’re more honed and you’ll be prepared.
        If I told you how I read your mind, the magic wouldn’t be as fun😉💫! Haha

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      2. You’re still reading my mind😂how did you know I’m kind of scared of it happening again?

        Nice way to think about it that now I’m prepared.

        When we trust people again after heartbreaks the world shows us these small details everyday. I really cherish them and focus on the new positive outcome even more than the old.

        I recently started spending more time with my 5 year old god-daughter and somewhere in the back of my mind I find myself comparing.

        However, there are a lot of differences in the small details that make me grateful for this new chance.💖

        Besides from what I’m seeing my god-daughter may grow up to be my personal bodyguard…😂

        I’m ready for this new phase just letting everything out so I can heal before it officially begins.

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      3. Jokerswild says:

        😉 You have every right to be cautious lovely, just don’t let it stop your stride or you’ll miss steps with special people.🌹
        It’s like you said, trusting people after heartbreaks does show us small details, little signs to learn from….messages from the heart to avoid the same hazards again but they also teach us how to react for next time it may occur in a similar situation.
        Time with little relatives can be an eye opener because they can teach us things too because of how they think.❤️. She’ll be your body guard and you’ll be her guard as well.😁
        As long as your letting the pain out, you’re allowing strength to come in…it’s an even flow.🌹❤️

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      4. Thanks for the discussion!

        To summarize things I’ve done nothing but love and support the people around me. I know my intentions were pure…Yet they decided to hurt me and my family. During the most vulnerable time of our lives when we have just lost a relative…
        I’m putting an end to it because they need to take responsibility for their actions.

        I fully agree with what you mentioned…Every relationship and situation is different. Some people never cross that line and some people really go out of their way for us.💖

        It doesn’t have to do with the people who are around me right now… So yess I’m going to keep loving them with all my heart. Especially those little relatives💖 Kids bring me joy.😁 It’s an honor to be my god-daughter’s guard for life. I recently found out that one of my late uncles nominated me to be her godmother. I never knew that..It’s the purest story I’ve heard in a while. I’ll be posting about it soon here I guess.😍

        I’ll try to plan something fun so it evens out more in the next few days.
        I’m really grateful for this conversation I feel that I’ve vented and I can see clearly now. I know you’ve been through a lot lately too so I really appreciate it…🙏🙏🙏

        Hope I can do the same for you when you need it😁💖Take care and stay safe.

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      5. Jokerswild says:

        Very welcome lovely and thank you.
        People usually hit at the lowest moments when the heart is weak but little do they know that people come back stronger. They only think for the moment, not the future. It’s up to them to fess up to their errors now, they’ll see that you moved on and realize that they don’t want to be left behind, everyone needs good family.
        At times of need, the bonds of family does grow tighter and get stronger for the ones that love each other.❤️
        So live and love the ones who are by your side and who you know are good for you and you’ll be fine.🌹. It’s an honor being named a Godparent, that just shows how special of a person you are and how highly they think of you, looking forward to the post.😊
        Events sound fun, that keeps memories going for them.
        Thank you for the conversation, it’s good to vent and release. And you’ve helped me more than you know already lovely🌹. You are motivated, inspiring and your words are just as comforting.❤️😁

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      6. You’re so right! ♥♥♥♥ I’m beginning to feel okay about all this. The burden shouldn’t be on one side and I decided to get it completely off my shoulders.

        It’s awesome and fun being a godparent. I’m just enjoying each moment at a time and making sure she doesn’t grow up so fast.

        Things are going to be okay, I can really feel it today. Hope your day will be great too and flattered that I could inspire you 😀 Love & appreciate all the support I’ve received this week.

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      7. Jokerswild says:

        That’s great lovely, keep feeling that way because that’s the way to be!❤️😊
        Yes, enjoy your Goddaughter and cherish the moments. Forever young is the key, as long as we keep our kid mentality.
        Smile as if the odds are always in your favor.😉. We help each other🌈. Keep smiling.

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      8. I’m smiling 😀 thank you♥

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      9. Jokerswild says:


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  2. ‘Being aware that we grow through all this makes the journey worthwhile. The situations and feelings we go through don’t define us, because there’s something so much deeper in all of us that simply cannot be defined.’
    Absolutely.. Awesome share.. 🤗🤗💕

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    1. Glad you could relate. 😀 Thanks for reading! Hope you’re doing well.

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      1. Pleasure reading your posts.. Always.. Yes.. All well here.. Thank you so much.. 🤗💕

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