Special Story

Few weeks ago, during a family gathering, I was telling my god-daughter a story about her baptism. My cousin told me that my late uncle had insisted I become her godmother. My late uncle was my godfather too and he prepared me for life just like my own father did.

Tears immediately flooded my eyes and I wished I could thank him. The idea of someone lovingly suggesting me to take this role is incredible. It’s an honour and my heart is full because I had incredible people in my life.

I used to look back at the past four years as tough and a burden. Shortly after my uncle passed away I began sharing my writing on this blog. So now I’m certain that you can feel your heart is healing when grief turns to gratitude.

As I watch my god-daughter grow I’ll make sure she knows that she’ll always have this angel by her side loving and protecting her♥

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  1. That’s how love talks to love to add beauty o the world.

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    1. That’s a beautiful way to think of it ♥

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      1. Yes, I think so.


      2. Albeit, family, friend or lover. I wish the world would understand that when you love someone, the tone of your voice is always calm, nurturing and empathetic. Your facial expressions should demonstrate a great joy and attentiveness. You heart should be overflowing with honor, devotion and grace. There should be no room for ugly anger or accusations or pegoritives to come rolling off your lips. imo…

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      3. You nailed this description so well! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking in the past week. Love has no room for ugly anger…If it ever comes to that then bitterness has been hiding underneath the surface all this time.

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      4. Yes… lurking in wait to pounce on the innocent.

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  2. I’m sure he’d be very proud of you.

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      1. You’re welcome.


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